Right Human Resources is a manpower sourcing company based in India with a dedicated team continually searching for high quality skilled candidates.
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Executive Search

 Right Human Resources is a leading recruitment agency in the Executive Search & Recruitment practice for a variety of Industries and Regions.

Our executive search process is conducted with the objective of finding the most suitable candidates who possess exceptional skills as well as credentials with the fastest possible turnaround times, to ensure our clients get the right person for every opening the first time and every time.

Our Team

Our team of extremely seasoned executive search consultants work with the highest ethics to ensure only the most suitable candidates are presented to our clients for each executive recruitment assignment. All our consultants have previous working experience with international leading organizations and in human resource consulting.

Consultative Process

We believe that corporate leadership and governance are key factors of corporate strategy and hence have constantly striven hard to serve each of our clients as a strategic advisor through providing regular market intelligence.

For executive recruitment, we, at Right Human Resources, conduct an in-depth analysis of the professional accomplishments, management approach, leading skills as well as personal and professional aspirations, of every candidate before ultimately presenting only the most suitable candidates to our clients.

Our team constantly works in close co-ordination with our clients through the entire executive search process to attain their quick turnaround times and as soon as we obtain an assignment, we allocate a separate team for that, to ensure the highest possible level of service to our clients. We select our team members based on their industry experience, geographic reach, and preceding work experience.

Head Hunting

Head Hunting in regards to recruitment is the process of seeking out the best possible match for an opening, by finding the candidates that fit the profile with surgical precision and are not actively seeking a career change.

These candidates are normally one of the top most achievers in their current organization and are so comfortable in their current position, that they do not actively seek a career change that might bring them more growth in terms of experience as well as enhance their current profile.

Right Human Resources specializes in helping our clients find these rare breed of professionals and boost their employee mix by bringing in some of the best professionals from their Industry, who add tremendous value to their team as well as to the organization’s bottom line


Our Head Hunters would initially understand the exact requirement of the opening and with constant contact with the client etch out the complete details of the required profile, qualifications, mind set and leadership qualities the candidate should possess. Once this is established we would conduct a thorough search of the industry and shortlist a list of competitors who possess possible candidates that match the profile.

Leveraging our vast experience and network of contacts such candidates would be identified and made aware of the opportunity thus, giving them a choice, which they were not even aware of or were actively seeking out for.

Our Headhunters

Our team of Head Hunters have strong experience in placing candidates for senior positions which affect the complete organization or a crucial department.  Our Head Hunters are chosen for their relevant industry experience and their standing in the industry which ensures access to a large network of senior professionals which in turns is maximized to identify some of the best talent out there.

The Right Human Resources team of Headhunters are especially proficient in identifying the right candidate for a revenue generating department, and have placed a number of candidates with strong history of revenue generation in their previous organization.

Turnkey Staffing

The Turnkey Staffing option is utilized by clients when they are either instituting a new department, entering a new location, or significantly expanding one of their existing departments of locations.

At Right Human Resources, we “get” people.  Understanding people helps us select and recruit the right candidates.  Understanding our clients enables us to find smart solutions for them.

We have successfully completed a multitude of such assignments. Requiring us to place a large number of people simultaneously, possessing varied skill-sets and at different levels to contribute towards an efficient unit for the client, with a quick turnaround time.

New Department

One of the major challenges for any new department is to have skilled people on board in the shortest possible time while maintaining costs. We understand the need of filling these positions in a timely manner as we have worked closely with such projects and provided optimal recruitment solutions.

New Location

Right Human Resources understands that setting up in a new location is an uphill task. Our Team would advice the Client on the right skill set, availability of skilled personnel, current compensation in the industry and eventually source the most suitable professionals for the Client at an optimum cost

Customized Solutions

We understand that our clients have varied levels of openings from a variety of departments. Each of these departments, require professionals with varying skill sets.

A particular recruitment methodology may deliver excellent results for particular openings and might not work at all for another set of openings or countries.

We,  at Right Human Resources, are particularly proud of being flexible to the methodology applied to each and every opening and our experience with the same has lead us to close positions with quick turnaround times and at the same time maintaining quality of candidates.

To learn more how our customized approach can assist your company in their recruitment needs please contact us.

Corporate Training

Investment in technology & equipments can be futile and may not bring the desired results in organization, if the staff is not ready to use the same.

The purpose of corporate training is to shape the most important asset of the company i.e. human resources into adept professionals.

Our aim is to help change people’s attitude at work in a way that they do more value addition and contribute to company’s success positively.

Our Corporate Training division has been successfully engaged in conducting in-house management development programs on:

  • Personality Development
  • Presentation Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Team Building
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Corporate Etiquettes
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Negotiation Skills

Professional Resume Writing

Our professional resume writing services can be worth millions to you over a lifetime. We will give you a star-quality resume that says, "I will soar."

We have worked with some of the top companies on the planet, and we have experience at tiers that are hard to match. We will highlight your caliber and make the employer want to call you.

Professional Resume Writing Services

How important is a better job? You may not realize the remarkable range of lifetime benefits you can gain from our career builder resume services. Read more about our Professional Resume Writing Services.  

Our Professional Resume Writing Services Can Bring You Millions Over a Lifetime

The benefits of our professional resume writing service extend from tomorrow through retirement.

Our professional resume writing services can change your life. The employment world is a garden of forking paths. Some are locked, and success is simply opening the paths you want. And we are your locksmiths. We know the process and we will open opportunities you never realized you had..

Our professional resume writing services can be worth millions.

A good professional resume writing service can put you on a high-level career path rather than a lesser one. The difference is vast and may surprise you. Let us do the math:

Method: Subtract your current salary from the one you are seeking. Then multiply the difference by the number of working years you have left.
And that is not all. For with higher salary come greater bonuses, stock options, and retirement benefits, as well as status, impact, and contacts. Add them all in, and your resume could bring you $4 or $5 million.

What if you want to change careers?

The average American changes careers three times, and you can gain dramatically by shifting course. So can your next employer. As our world grows more interlinked, companies reap bottom-line benefits from a fresh perspective. Our career builder resume services provide the bridge you need to the life you want. As you enter new territory, our career builder resume services help you:

  • Strategize the transition.
  • Clearly articulate your new goals.
  • Avoid common mistakes, such as relying too much on a prior resume.
  • Identify the valuable, transferable skills you bring to the new challenge.
  • Convey your passion for it.
  • Highlight the advantages of your background for employers.

We help employers view you as the right fit. We help them see your vision..

What about those cheap resume services?

They hire struggling writers to bang out a job pitch for you. A college student might even compose one of the most important documents of your life. Yet resumes have their own DNA, and even skilled writers can make fatal mistakes with them. So let these people write for your competitors.

Come to Right Human Resources for the prize of higher position. Our professional resume writing and career builder services give you insight, detail perfectionism, and top-flight performance. Indeed, the caliber of our experience is hard to match.

Executive Resume Writing Services

Employers scan the average executive resume for 15 seconds, so you must stand out at first glance. Does your resume distinguish you from the rest of the pile? Create one that sparks that golden, "must-have" feeling in the employer.  

Legal Resume Writing Services

An effective legal resume can give strong evidence of your persuasive power and make your target firm feel it needs you on board. But how do you condense your experience into a model resume that stands out?

Why wait? This is business, the business of you.


At Right Human Resources, we help you every step of the way, with great information and advice from our staff of expert counselors.

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